Arrival and reception by our guide or transfer at the airport or bus station.

Our guides are highly experienced professionals with deep knowledge of the area and rainforest,

we provide 1 guide for a group of max 8 people.

Transfer from the airport to our main office in town.

Upon arrival to Pto. Maldonado City, our Transfer or guide will welcome you and

drive you for a few minutes to our office in town

In our office we recommend you pack only the necessary stuff you need for your next few days,

the main luggage can stay at our safe deposit. Transportation it’s easier that way, and keep

our boats and porter cargo light, we provide you duffels at the office if necessary.

Transfer from our office to Tambopata River Port.

We navigate up the Tambopata River for about 2 hours until Finca Sachavacayoc

On the way, we have the option of watching birds, caimans, capybaras, and monkeys if lucky.

Box lunch in the boat. We can customize your box lunch with a vegetarian option,

we also provide cold bottled drinks in the boat.

In full company and orientation of our guide, we get to Finca Sachavacayoc

Accommodation and a Little rest.


After de little rest, we will go for a jungle walk, as an introduction to nature

and get familiarized with

the forest interior, wait until it gets dark to do a night walk looking

for the elusive nocturnal creatures and critters,

like the impressive ground bird eating Tarantula (as big as your hand)Dinner at the lodge


We will visit One of the Nature worlds wonder, the spectacular Chuncho clay- lick, the largest in the world,with the three major species of macaws getting together at the same time, and many varieties of parrots, hundreds of parrots come together to eat clay, a special and unique behavior that is only found in this part of the planet.

Early departure at 4 am, then 2 hours on our boat upstream of the Tambopata River; in order to enjoy the best of the parrot show is important to arrive early before the birds!

We will take breakfast in the boat,

Along the journey to the clay-lick we have great chances of seeing Capybaras,

Caymans and maybe if lucky Jaguar or Tapirs (the two most special terrestrial mammal of the amazon)

We stay in the clay lick area, if necessary until we get to see the macaws eating clay

Return to the lodge for lunch.

Lunch at the lodge.

After a good rest, we get packed and ready for the pristine Condenado lake Condenado (condemned) lake its 1 hour away from the lodge (walking slowly watching things),

Condenado Lake  has very good wildlife such as monkeys, caimans, lot of Hoatzin, lots of macaws fly by going to roost, we also have very good chances to see the elusive an shy Anaconda , this place gives us a unique Jungle experience, with no other people rather than us in this pristine lake.

We get there by evening and right away we take a paddle-canoe and leisurely enjoy the deepest and wildest jungle, watching monkeys and macaws being loud.

On the way back, we return to the lodge doing a night walk looking for wildlife or just enjoy the spooky- romantic- intense, silent and loud jungle.

Dinner at the lodge


After breakfast, we will visit the spectacular Lake Sachavacayoc, which is in the heart of the Tambopata National Reserve, at two hours away from the lodge (walking slowly watching things),

Sachavacayoc has very good wildlife such as monkeys, caimans, options of tapirs, Anacondas, Hoatzin, and lots of blue and yellow macaws roosting and nesting all over, this place gives us a unique Jungle experience,

We get there mid-morning and right away we take a paddle-canoe and leisurely enjoy the deepest and wildest jungle, watching monkeys and macaws being loud.

On the way back, we return to the lodge we walk through the deepest jungle you can find

Lunch at the lodge/you can also take box lunch for enjoining the lake for longer and search

for anacondas longer too.In the evening we take our motor canoe on the river to search for Caymans


After breakfast, we take our boat back to

Sandoval Lake, we navigate the Tambopata river (we pass by the city of Pto. Maldonado for 2 hours until the entrance trail to Sandoval Lake. The trail
takes you on a 1.6 miles walk (2.5 kilometers) walk through a successional forest, former Giant natural bamboo forest, habitat for monkeys, sloth and
macaws, until we reach a small canal where we board our paddle-canoes, we paddle for 100 meters (nearly the same in yards) through a palm-forest swamp,
with an abundance of “aguajes” (mauritia Palms) those palms provide the most popular fruit of the Peruvian Rainforest, highly consumed by locals drinks and ice-creams.
Once onto the glass-like surface of the lake, we continue leisurely around the lake to the lodge.
A briefing of the lodge at the reception area, and accommodation

Accommodation and a Little rest, at rooms or hummocks

Before dinner depending on arrival time, we set off to explore part of the lake, looking for monkeys or black Cayman (black caimans are the biggest of the Cayman and alligator family, the biggest one seen at the lake 6 meters long/20 feet s) in the flooded palm forest we can see hundreds of Red-bellied
macaws as they return to roost. One of the few species of macaws that lives in flocks and mauritia palm swamps such the one at
Sandoval Lake.
We also have the option of a night walk into the forest behind the lodge.
Dinner at the lodge.


An early wake call and meeting at the lodges ‘dining room to visit the lake for sunrise and a hopeful encounter with the
a friendly family of Giant Otters who are highly active at this time of the lake, Giant otters must eat an average of 8 pounds of fish a day (4 kilos)Sandoval lake offers abundant wildlife including 6 species of
monkeys, black caimans, over 40 species of birds resident to the lakes’ shore, all 5 species of kingfisher of Peru, and the most abundant group of Hoatzin, all the animals here are easy to photograph from the boats.

Return to the lodge for breakfast.

Optional hiking in the jungle or early visit to the lake before breakfast and transfer back to the office and the airport.

Hot water shower at the office available before going back to the airport.

Ad: In order to maximize the experience and base on weather predictions, room
availability, and operational conditions we can modify the order of the

for those interested on piranha fishing, you cam just coordinate with you guide to do it in the several spots we ave for it.