Interested to book or questions about our tours

Please send us an email to: 

with the following information:

Exact dates of the tour

Number of participants

Type of rooms: double, twin, triple or room for 4 people (family room)

Type of tour: All in one or Sandoval lake, number of days or itinerary name for example” all in one 5 days 4 nights” “Casa Sandoval 3 days 2 night” etc.

you can WhatsApp too, for direct questions, WhatsApp number is +51 982613293

We normally reply within the first 12 hours, if not it’s because we are on a tour without an internet connection, we always try to reply as fast as we can. 

the booking and formalities its done by e-mail, and we confirm the booking by email too. considering that we always visit a protected area, we require a payment advance to buy the Entrances fee and basic fuel cost prior to your arrival, depending on the tour it is from 100 to 300 USD.

Thank you

Oscar Caceres – Director