why real nature tours?

A: Our tours are focused on nature and willife in its natural habitat, without artificial ingredients, all the local  tour operators  will push activities like: zip-line, bridges from trees to  trees (canopy walk) and kayak, and lot of higly boring and crowded full day activities, we do not offer or include any of those because we consider that If you come to the jungle, you should know  it the way it is ,and visit locations where you can enjoy it  and learn  and not doing activities that disturbs nature , it is better to be in the middle of the jungle surrounded by animals and try to see them as best as possible in their natural environment. at the end of the day, you can do fan activities anywhere else, any time, but visiting the rainforest its  not something you will be doing often, so, why wasting your time with artificial thing

When is the best time to travel to the amazon?

A: at Any time of the year, in the Amazon jungle there are only two seasons, the dry season and the rainy season, in our years of experience rare times rain has been an impediment to our excursions.

In what season we can see more animals?

A: as there is no drastic change in temperature or droughts ,amazon animals do not migrate, they are year-round residents, and there are some species that could be more easily seen in dry season and others in the rainy season. Generally chances of seeing wildlife are the same at any season.

How easy it is to see wildlife?

A: wildlife is unpredictable, but there are places like oxbow lakes where the animals have a certain habitat and are common dwellers there, it is relatively easy in lakes like Sandoval and Sachavacayoc to see a variety of monkeys, Cayman, abundance of birds and high chances of observing giant otter, the Amazon can be a frustrating experience to see wildlife if you go to the wrong place, and a wonderful place if you go to the right one. “In the Amazon it is not about where you go it is about who you are going with”

It is Malaria a problem? Should I take malaria tablets?

A: In the area we operate has not been reported any cases of malaria in 20 years, so far in 2017 there is zero cases reported in the hole region, malaria disease is not a native disease of the Amazon it was introduced in the 15th century by the first Europeans, consequently is not found in the wild, it is not a disease found in our local animals, the deeper you go I n the amazon the safer you are from any disease, The best prevention against any blood-sucking insects is a good insect repellent or DEET

The vaccine against yellow fever is necessary?

A: Depending on the country you come from your governments may require the vaccine when you go back to your country, the Peruvian government does not require the vaccine since many years ago because yellow fever has not been reported in so many years.

I want to see monkeys where its the best place to do that? I read about monkey island

A: The best place in The Tambopata National Reserve to see monkeys its Sandoval lake, up to 6 species of monkeys in the wild, and completely careless about humans. Monkeys in the amazon are heavily hunted for meat, in most places throughout the amazon they are afraid of humans, specially along the river banks where farmer are, at sandoval they have never been hunted, generally in most lodges you are lucky if you see some monkeys in the wild.

Monkey Island its a joke and a hype, there is no worse place to see monkeys than at monkey island, its a small island in the middle of the Madre de Dios River, where there are 3 pet monkeys, that dozens of tourist every day feed, there are 2 Capuchin monkeys, and 1 squirrel monkey, those monkeys being isolated are sometimes even aggressive.

How about kayak, zip-line and Canopy walk?

A: In most places located by the river, where wildlife its highly limited companies push those activities, in most places when they highlight those activities, means that you will not see much wildlife, if you are into having fun and spent time with other people sometimes in large groups then those option are for you, but if you want to have a real wildlife experience watching animals in their real habitat and a civilization disconnected experience then stay away from the river and specilly from companies that highlight those activities or include them in the itieneary, once they mention kayak, canopy walk and specialy zip-line its a bad very bad sign.

any of those activities are regulated, its not done by proffesionals, and insurance does not exist for it, in case of accidents you are not covered at all.

Sandoval lake its offered a lot, its a popular destination and there are so many options, Its difficult to decide?

A: Many tour companies push Sandoval lake, but becareful there are 2 kind of tours to Sandoval Lake, the most popular affordable “day tour” and the one that you spent the hole time at the lake, both are completely different experience, all tour companies located by the river include Sandoval Lake in their itineraries as the highlight, but they visit it for a couple of hours only, usually in the worst time of the day when its very hot and animals are gone deep in the jungle, there are only 4 hours of the day when you have the best chances to see wildlife: from 5:30 am to 7:30 am and from 4:30 to 6:30 pm, the time in between its  a so so! if you want to see the best wildlife at its best then you must stay inside Sandoval Lake, with full days activities from the river (2 hours trip around the lake) your chances of seeing wildlife its 20%, but staying at the lake itself you chances are boosted up to 98%, that its a huge difference.